Locked Neck

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We all want (I hope!) the horse’s neck to be free and in balance. And for a good reason, it has a major bio mechanical impact!

Arthritis And Horses

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It is not always obvious to think that your horse should work despite its arthritis however it does help him to maintain his good condition, flexibility and to avoid stiffness and lack of muscles.

Toggle Recoil

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The Toggle Recoil technique is a chiropractic and gentle technique with high velocity (it is a measure of how fast something moves in a particular direction).

Wobbler Syndrome

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Wobbler Syndrome is when the spinal cord becomes compressed because of a narrowing or instability affecting one or more vertebrae which occurs between 18 & 24 months from C3 to C5.

Bungee/Rope Lunging Aid

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I have seen many horses trotting, cantering and even doing pole work with this type of system so I just wanted to give you an opinion from a therapist point of view and help you to understand.