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Elevate Equine Performance with ‘Competition’ Seaweed Wrap: A Professional Detoxifying Booster

Step into the realm of elite equine care with our specialized ‘Competition’ seaweed wrap. Tailored for application on the entire body or specific muscle areas like the neck, shoulders, back, and haunches, this warming poultice redefines the competition preparation experience.

The Unique Composition of ‘Competition’

Uncover the secrets of ‘Competition,’ a seaweed wrap with a starch sheet and fleece. Delve into the warming effects designed for relaxation and targeted application on key muscle areas, excluding the legs for a specialized approach.

Natural and Detoxifying Booster

Explore the natural and detoxifying properties that make ‘Competition’ a standout product. Rich in micronutrients, this poultice serves as a booster for equine athletes, promoting a holistic detoxifying effect.

Optimal Usage Frequency

Understand the ideal usage frequency of ‘Competition’ – a product designed for peak performance. Discover how it can be applied once a week or twice a month, providing flexibility based on the unique needs of your horse.

Post-Application Rest

Learn about the importance of a 24-hour rest period recommended after applying ‘Competition.’ This crucial phase ensures that your horse maximizes the benefits of the poultice, preparing for the challenges of competition.

Exclusively for Professionals

Note that ‘Competition’ is exclusively crafted for professional use, setting the standard for equine care excellence.

Elevate Equine Competition Preparation

In the competitive world of equine sports, ‘Competition’ stands as an essential tool for performance enhancement. Elevate your horse’s competition preparation with the warming and detoxifying effects of this professional-grade seaweed wrap.

Experience the transformative benefits of ‘Competition’ for your equine athletes.

Product Price : This product weighs 4 kg and is priced at £85.

To make a purchase, completion of a training session with us is required. Contact us today through the ‘Contact Me‘ tab to initiate your journey with ‘Competition.’