Drain sport

Optimize Equine Muscle Health with ‘Drain Sport’ Poultice: A Professional Solution

Discover the pinnacle of equine muscle care with our specialized ‘Drain Sport’ poultice. Crafted for the entire horse or targeted areas like the neck, shoulders, back, and glutes, this revolutionary solution redefines equine well-being.

The Science Behind ‘Drain Sport’

Delve into the scientific excellence of ‘Drain Sport,’ a poultice enriched with micronutrients designed to promote muscle drainage and softening. Learn how this formula can transform your horse’s muscle health.

Tailored Muscle Maintenance

Optimize muscle maintenance with ‘Drain Sport.’ Uncover the benefits of wrapping and revitalizing your horse’s muscles, with usage frequency tailored to their activity level. Witness the profound impact on their overall well-being.

Unveiling the Effects: Powerful Draining

Experience the undeniable effects of ‘Drain Sport’ – a poultice that goes beyond the ordinary. Discover how it softens muscles and induces relaxation, preparing your horse physically for peak performance.

Exclusively for Professionals

Note that ‘Drain Sport’ is exclusively crafted for professional use. Elevate your equine care standards with a poultice designed for high-performance horses.

Elevate Equine Well-being

In the realm of equine care, ‘Drain Sport’ stands as a beacon of excellence. Optimize your horse’s muscle health, enhance their performance, and ensure their well-being with this professional-grade poultice. Trust in the science, tailor-made solutions, and a commitment to excellence.

Explore the transformative benefits of ‘Drain Sport’ for your horses.

Product Price : This product weighs 4 kg and is priced at £90.

To purchase, completion of a training session with us is required. Contact us today through the ‘Contact Me‘ tab to initiate your equine care journey with ‘Drain Sport.