Cryo tendons

The Revolutionary Benefits of Cryo Tendons for Horse Care

Caring for a horse’s tendons is crucial, especially after rigorous activities. In the world of equine sports and care, the need for effective post-work muscle and joint refreshment is paramount. This is where “Cryo tendons,” a unique cooling paste, comes into play.

What are Cryo Tendons ?

Cryo tendons refer to a specially formulated cooling paste designed for horses. It’s a ready-to-use solution aimed at providing gradual cooling to the horse’s body areas prone to heat, such as the neck, shoulders, back, and glutes. Unlike many other products, Cryo tendons are free from doping substances like menthol or camphor.

Benefits of Cryo Tendons

The primary benefits of Cryo tendons lie in their draining and anti-inflammatory properties. These features make the paste an excellent choice for reducing inflammation and promoting recovery in horses’ muscles and tendons. The paste cools up to -10 degrees for half an hour, offering significant relief after exercise.

Application and Effectiveness

Applying Cryo tendons is straightforward. The paste can be applied directly to the hot areas of the horse’s body. Its effectiveness is seen in its ability to quickly cool down the heated areas, making it ideal for use after endurance events or during high heat periods. The non-doping formula ensures that it’s safe for competitive horses.

Ideal Conditions for Use

Cryo tendons are particularly effective in situations where horses undergo intense physical exertion. This includes endurance sports and activities during high-temperature conditions. Depending on the pathology, it can be used several times per week, making it a versatile addition to a horse’s care regimen.

Product Price : This product weighs 2,7 kg and is priced at £80.

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