Draining Clay

Maximizing Tendon Health with Draining Clay: A Must-Have for Horse Care Professionals

In the realm of equine care, maintaining tendon health is a critical aspect, especially for horses undergoing regular or intense workouts. “Draining Clay” emerges as a groundbreaking solution for tendon care and maintenance, offering unique benefits for equine professionals.

What is Draining Clay ?

Draining Clay is a specialized blend, combining the astringent properties of green clay with the natural benefits of algae. This unique composition provides both draining and soothing effects, making it an ideal choice for regular maintenance and post-exercise care of horses.

Benefits of Draining Clay

The primary advantage of using Draining Clay lies in its natural draining and soothing properties. It’s particularly effective for treating and managing tendon issues, such as tendonitis. The clay helps in relieving tendons post-exercise, promoting faster recovery and reducing the risk of injuries.

Application and Effectiveness

Applying Draining Clay is a straightforward process. It should be applied in a thin layer directly on the joints, tendons, or back areas that require attention. The product is beneficial both before and after exercise, making it a versatile tool in a horse’s care routine. Its efficacy in draining and treating tendon issues has made it a recommended choice among equine professionals.

Recommended Usage

For optimal results, Draining Clay should be used as part of a regular maintenance routine, especially after intense workouts. A 24-hour rest period is recommended post-application to allow the clay to fully exert its effects. This rest period is crucial for achieving the best outcomes in tendon health and recovery.

Professional Endorsements and Case Studies

Many horse care professionals have endorsed Draining Clay for its effectiveness in tendon care. Case studies have demonstrated significant improvements in horses with tendonitis and other tendon-related issues when treated regularly with this clay.

Draining Clay stands out as an essential product for any professional involved in horse care and maintenance. Its unique blend of green clay and algae offers unparalleled draining and soothing properties, making it a go-to solution for maintaining optimal tendon health. For professionals seeking a reliable and effective tendon care product, Draining Clay is an excellent choice.

Product Price : This product weighs 4 kg and is priced at £110.

To purchase “Draining Clay for Equine Tendon Care,” interested buyers should contact us through the ‘Contact Me‘ tab. It is important to note that undergoing training is essential before purchasing this product to ensure proper application and maximization of its benefits.