Equine Algotherapy Training

Mastering Equine Algo Therapy: Exclusive Training and Product Access

Dive into the world of Equine Algo Therapy at our specialized clinic, tailored specifically for equine professionals. Led by Jennifer Postollec, the only trained professional and exclusive distributor of EQUITHALASSO products in England since 2020, this clinic offers an unparalleled opportunity to gain expertise in Equine Algo Therapy and access to premium EQUITHALASSO products.

In-Depth Understanding of Equine Skin and Algo Therapy Benefits

Our curriculum provides a comprehensive exploration of horse skin anatomy, revealing the layers and functions crucial for effective Algo Therapy. We emphasize the unique mechanisms of Algo Therapy wraps and their therapeutic interaction with equine skin, ensuring a deep understanding of their healing properties.

Interactive Training and Enhanced Product Knowledge

The initial phase of our module covers:

  • Advanced palpation techniques to refine tactile skills.
  • Strategies for effective communication with horse owners and yard managers.
  • An in-depth look at EQUITHALASSO products, showcasing their high mineral salt content, antiseptic, antiviral properties, and trace element richness.
  • Insights into nutrient deficiencies and their effects on equine skin health.

Hands-On Experience in Equine Algo Therapy

Participants will engage in practical sessions, applying various EQUITHALASSO products across different horses for a range of therapeutic needs. This direct experience is vital for mastering the nuances of Equine Algo Therapy.

Advanced Topics and Customized Treatment Plans

Day two delves into:

  • The do’s and don’ts of Algo Therapy.
  • Identifying specific cases and pathologies that benefit from seaweed wraps.
  • Detailed treatment packages like Express Vitality Day®, Relaxation and Recovery®, Thalasso Fitness Week, and Long/Rehab treatments.

Post-Treatment Skills and Holistic Assessment

Learn crucial post-treatment techniques, including proper methods to wash horses and address their post-Algo Therapy needs. Completing this course equips participants with a holistic understanding of Equine Algo Therapy, empowering them to assess and treat horses with confidence.

Exclusive Access to EQUITHALASSO Products

As England’s sole distributor of EQUITHALASSO, I offer exclusive access to these superior, natural products made in France, enhancing your equine care practice with top-tier solutions.

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