Osteopathic treatment
£70 (1-hour minimum)

Massage and Stretching
£55 (1 hour)


  • 4 legs £ 45 (40 minute minimum)
  • Per area £35 (40 minute minimum)
  • Body wrap: wither/back/glutes £100 (1 hour)
  • Entire body wrap: wither/shoulders/neck/back/glutes/legs £135 (1 hour 30 minutes)

Petrol increase impacts everyone and I just wanted to remind my customers that I do have a cancellation policy whereby clients who cancel within 48 hours of their appointment or clients who change their mind when I am at the yard will be charged in full.

Free travel within 15 miles (0.50p per mile outside of the 15-mile radius)

I always try to group sessions to minimize fees for owners.

Please note it is a legal requirement to obtain consent from your veterinary surgeon before treating your horse for the first time. If you agree I am happy to speak to your vet on your behalf to gain consent.