Self-Heating Mud

Self-Heating Mud: Revolutionizing Muscle Care in Equine Athletes

Preparing and recovering a horse’s muscles is key to performance and health. “Self-heating mud” offers a groundbreaking approach to muscle care, combining the natural benefits of seaweed with advanced heating technology.

What is Self-Heating Mud?

Self-heating mud is a unique product that combines a seaweed wrap with a starch sheet and fleece, designed specifically for equine muscle care. It stands out in the market for its unique heating properties and natural composition, making it perfect for use before or after a sporting effort.

Benefits of Self-Heating Mud

The primary benefit of self-heating mud is its ability to prepare muscles for exertion and relieve tension post-effort. Its unique composition, enriched with algae, provides a safe and effective treatment for the horse and the user, as it is free from harmful chemicals like fumiric acid. Upon contact with cold water, it reacts immediately, reaching 40 degrees in seconds, providing immediate vasodilation and a powerful relaxation effect.

Application and Effectiveness

Applying self-heating mud is simple and efficient. It should be applied to the painful muscle area, such as spasms, cramps, or tension. The product’s ability to induce strong vasodilation helps in rapid muscle relaxation and recovery. Its rich content of zinc oxide and magnesium oxide adds to its therapeutic properties.

Recommended Usage

Self-heating mud is ideal for use before a sporting effort to prepare the muscles or during a rest day after exertion to eliminate muscle tension. A 24-hour rest period is recommended post-application to maximize its benefits. This product is intended for professional use, ensuring the highest standards of muscle care in horses.

Self-heating mud represents a significant advancement in equine muscle care. Its unique self-heating feature, combined with natural ingredients, offers a safe and effective solution for muscle preparation and recovery in horses. For professionals seeking an innovative approach to muscle care, self-heating mud is an invaluable tool.

Product Price : This product weighs 4 kg and is priced at £120.

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