Marine Mud

Discover the Wonders of Marine Mud: Nature’s Best from Mont St Michel

In the world of professional equine care, finding natural and effective treatments is a top priority. “Marine mud,” sourced from the renowned bay of Mont St Michel in France, stands out as a favorite product among professionals for its exceptional qualities and health benefits for horses.

What is Marine Mud?

Marine mud is a 100% natural product, extracted directly from the seabed at the foot of Mont Saint-Michel. This unique mud is not just any sediment; it’s a treasure trove of natural elements, ionized in the laboratory to ensure its purity and effectiveness. Unlike other products, it undergoes no additional treatments, preserving its full potential for therapeutic action.

Benefits of Marine Mud

The primary advantage of marine mud lies in its rich composition, loaded with calcium, magnesium, and iron. These elements make it particularly effective in relieving various bone and muscle pathologies in horses, such as osteoarthritis, strains, eparvin, sprains, and more. Its high concentration of calcium is key in treating bone-related issues, while its action on deep tissues makes it invaluable for muscle-related ailments.

Application and Effectiveness

 Marine mud can be applied both before and after exercise, making it a versatile tool in a horse’s care regimen. It is particularly effective when applied over joints or affected areas like the neck, back, hip joints, shoulders, elbows, knees, stifles, hocks, and fetlocks. The natural properties of the mud allow for deep penetration and effective treatment of the targeted areas.

Why Choose Marine Mud?

Choosing marine mud means opting for a completely natural and highly effective treatment. Its unique sourcing from Mont St Michel adds to its allure, offering a piece of France’s natural heritage for the health and well-being of horses. For professionals seeking a reliable, natural solution, marine mud is an unparalleled choice.


Marine mud, with its origins in the famous bay of Mont St Michel, represents the pinnacle of natural equine care. Its unique composition and proven effectiveness in treating a range of pathologies make it a favorite among professionals. Embracing the natural power of marine mud is a step towards holistic and effective horse care.

Product Price : This product weighs 4 kg and is priced at £70.

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