Osteopathy and Massages

Examination and Treatment with Osteopathic Techniques

Starting with an initial history of the horse, and assessment of the horse is carried out with both dynamic and static observations. From this, areas of pain, heat and discomfort will be spotted and treated. Following the session, advice will be given along with exercises that can be performed by the owner.
Where possible, I try to group sessions to minimize travel fees for customers.

Massage and Stretching Treatment

Overall, massaging loosens tight muscles and stretches connective tissue. It can also relieve muscle cramps and spasms and decreases muscle fatigue. Effective massage techniques loosens joints and improves the range of motion, increases muscle strength and calms the nervous system. It can also stimulate circulation, firms up muscles and skin tone, speeds up healing from injury and illness, and improves lymphatic drainage.
Treatment can go up to 1h30.

Examination and Treatment with Soft Osteopathic Techniques for Small Pets

Whilst I work mainly with horses, I do offer treatment for smaller pets. To begin with, I will ask about the history of your pet. Following this, an assessment of both dynamic and static observations. This will allow me to establish areas of pain, heat and discomfort that can be treated. I will be able to advise exercises that can be performed to help alleviate symptoms.

Please note it is a legal requirement to obtain consent from your veterinary surgeon before treating your horse for the first time. If you agree I am happy to speak to your vet on your behalf to gain consent.